Watch Official Jurassic World Trailer

Hurry and see the new Jurassic trailer and discover all of the new dinosaurs and problems the movie brings.

It is finally here, the new Jurassic World trailer. We have all been waiting so long to see the new Jurassic World trailer and the wait is finally over. In the trailer we see Chris Pratt ( from Guardians of the Galaxy) and Bryce Dallas Howard (Ron Howard´s daughter) in action trying to capture a new dinosaur the scientists created and couldn´t obviously control.



In the new Jurassic World movie we are going to see how a great white shark is used as bait for a huge water dinosaur and what a functional dinosaur park looks like. This is the only trailer for Jurassic World that is available, but hopefully more will be coming out as June 12th, 2015 gets closer.

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