Watch Your Privacy Google Glass App

Protect your privacy with Watch Your Privacy App for Google Glass and create your own safety zone.

In a way we have all come to term with the idea that privacy doesn´t exist anymore. Some may just accept he idea and continue with what they have always been doing and other continue to find way to protect themselves and refuse to be watched.  If you fall into the last category, there is a new Google Glass App that you might be interested in since it shows you where the security cameras are located and it is called Watch Your Privacy (

Watch Your Privacy Google Glass1

The app not only warns yo of where the security cameras are located but it also shows you of the approximate coverage of the security camera. The Watch Your Privacy app shows you were the security cameras are with a triangular sign that points directly towards the cameras. With the app you can also program the app to show you the safety zones ans the non-safety zones.

If you want to use the app, he first thing you need to do is download the layer augmented reality browser ( on your smartphone or your Google Glass.

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