Watch Teaser Trailer for the Lone Ranger and Superman: Man of Steel

Watch Superman: Man of Steel and The Lone Ranger Trailer.

If the world doesn’t end first, we are going to have quite a few movies to watch next year and two of those movies are going to be Superman: Man of Steel and The Lone Ranger. For now, the only thing we have in order to know what is in store for us are these two trailers that are suppose to have the best scenes of the movie but at least for the Lone Ranger, they must of left them out.

The Superman trailer looks more appealing but it looks like Lois Lane is now a blond and not a brunette, so It kind of makes you wonder if they change just a tad too much for the new Superman Movie. Many are also complaining that once again¬†¬†Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter are once again together in another movie, as if the actors didn’t know how make a movie without one another.

What is important here is to enjoy the movie, disconnect a little and escape from reality for a few hours. You be the judge as to if the movies are worth watching.

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