Watch Wolverine 2 Trailer

See the Wolverine 2 trailer and see what the future holds for Wolverine in Japan.

In this second part we are going to see Wolverine run havoc in Japan fighting the bad guys but making it look so easy at the same time. This is the first trailer that Marvel has launched but hopefully it won´y be the last. In the film that was directed by James Mangold, we see “Wolverine” meet “Logan”, a Japaneses Warrior that will teach Wolverine all he needs to know.

It is also in Japan where Wolverine will have to go up against the Silver Samurai in a battle where his future will in danger, it may sound cheesy but the action scenes look great..In order to see the film we are going to have to wait until July 26th but hopefully time will fly and before we know it, it is in theaters.

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