Water Powered Can Clock

Water Powered Can Clock, is one of many green gadgets out there to save us money and time. This green gadget is earth friendly and only requires one step: Add water.

First it was Bedol and their lemon juiced powered alarm clock now we have the Water Powered Can Clock. There are many clocks out there that can do many high tech things but sometimes you just want to have a normal clock on your night stand. If that is your case then having one that doesn’t require batteries and does not need to be plugged into any socket is one that will catch anyones eye.

With the Water Powered Can Clock you are only going to need to remember one thing: Add Water. Even that might be something you might need a reminder for since you only need to add water every 6 to 12 months.

If you a very busy person and that last thing you need to worry about is stopping by your nearest Wal-Mart for a pair of batteries. If you want this green gadget then it can be all your for $14.94 (9.99€) at greenstamp.co.uk.

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