What to do With Spare Tech Parts

Ideas that will help you decide what to do with those old homes phones or console parts. What to build with old tech junk.

Who doesn’t have old computer parts lying around the garage or closer floor. Some don’t throw anything away because they think that it has to be good for something. I think that we all have an artist inside us all, some more evil than others but it’s there. In the following images you will see old computer,consumer electronic and console parts that will give you an idea of what to do with them and help yourself save money. Oh yeah. one thing..” WARNING..you may be the of jokes from friends..build at your own risk”.

As you can see in the image above that those old home phones are good for something. If you want to hid some extra cash at home then how about hiding it inside that old Panasonic phone. Make sure that you hid something as heavy as the phone would be with everything it should have inside. That way when burglars or your little brother or sister, are going threw your things, your money will still be there when you get back.

If you have old computer mouses you can use them for your plants and at the same time if you  have a pet it will keep them wondering what the hell is that. By not throwing away your old mouses you save yourself money by not having to buy pots for your plants. Some advice, if you have an aggressive cat then try to keep your plant mouse in really high places.

This next item is a gamers dog accessory. There are gamers out there that want their best friend to look as good as them sporting something from a console. What better way to let the world know that your fog shares your passion by making a Nintendo controller collar from and old Nintendo controller,duh. This way you give your dog something you made with your own hands and you recycle at the same time.

One more idea is making a cool fan for those hot summer days with an old computer fan. Before it was inside, now its not. Why spend a lot of money on fans that are going to end up in the closet in the Winter, this way it will only clutter your drawer.

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