WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8.1 Down – No Possible Fix

WhatsApp on Windows Phone 8.1 is not working and there is no fix scheduled for the near future.

Wow, this is bad. Bad because Microsoft has no idea when they wil be able to fix this problem. WhatsApp could be broken for days, weeks or heaven forbid but for months. Seems like ever since Facebook bought WhatsApp, the smartphone app is not what it us to be. I am not just talking about this huge problem, I am also talking about the fact that the public version of WhtasApp has not seen an update since January.

Whats App down

Those who use WhatsAp for Windows Phone 8.1 are only suffering since the alerts they get ever 10 to 30 minutes only remind them that the app is not working. On the best version, you at least get notified that some features won´t work but are we expecting too much from 8.1 preview? Users are still waiting for the update the update that is suppose to bring VOIP but for now users are turning to other options like Telegram or Facebook Messenger until a fix is released.

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