WhatsApp will allow to listen to the voice notes before sending them

If you record audio notes in WhatsApp and send it to your friends because you prefer to talk before they write what they have to tell, for sure that in some occasion has happened to you that you were recording a note, you have made a mistake and, without wanting to, you’ve sent.

It is a proof that WhatsApp is being conducted with devices iOS

It is quite common, because it is true that the system for recording voice notes not too intuitive. Has been improving over time, for example, recently implemented the possibility to use it with a free hand, anchoring the recording and being able to do other tasks, but even so, it is easy to make mistakes when sending voice notes, to remember, can be up to 15 minutes of duration.

This looks like it’s going to change anytime soon. WhatsApp has included in the latest beta version that has been released for testing new features with the possibility to listen to your voice memos before you send them for that as well, if you are not satisfied with the result, not to be shared with friends.

When a user to record an audio note, instead of being sent directly as happens up to now when you release the button, the content will be recorded in the application and the user will be able to play it before you press the button again to send.

The functionality is really interesting especially for those who are not very given to send voice notes because it tends to happen to us this problem.

Yes, must take into account that, for the moment, this is only a test that is WhatsApp experiencing with iOS devices. If the test gives results -we imagine that he does, because who would not want to avoid this type of situations – it will launch the new functionality of a form official in the next few weeks.

We know this announcement right on the day that also it has been known that WhatsApp presents a major vulnerability that would allow any person access to the inside of a group chat and get to know the content of the conversations.

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