WhatsApp for Tablets, PC and Mac Coming Soon – Rumors

A New update for WhatsApp is coming with new features such as Night Mode and images with expiration dates.

Have you been hoping that WhatsApp could finally be available for PC, tablets and Mac? Hey, who hasn´t . right? According to the latest rumors we could all be enjoying WhatsApp either on our tablets, Mac or PC soon. There is an update coming and rumors say that the latest WhatsApp update is going to bring new features.


WhatsApp for Tablets, PC and Mac Coming Soon - Rumors


VoIP Calls

The new features on WhatsApp could bring us free calls inside the app in the next WhatsApp version.

If the latest rumors are right this update could be available in the following weeks.

Night Mode

The latest WhatsApp update is said to include ´Night Mode´ so the users can chat without being blinded by the brightness of the display and that way be able to chat comfortably.


WhatsApp for Tablets, PC and Mac Coming Soon - Rumors2

Images with an Expiration Date

We all know how Popular Snapchat is and how everyone loves that their images will self destruct. WhatsApp knows this and that is why the popular messaging app could ¨borrow¨ this feature in the next update.

In this feature users can send an image that will self destruct when they want it to. The users are the ones that decide how long they want their image to live, for example, you send an image and have programmed it to self destruct in 15 minutes, once the time is up bye bye image.

Error Reports

With what happened to WhatsApp on Windows Phone, errors are bound to happen. So, they do occur, the user will be able to notify the company about it by sending them a screenshot of the error, it is that easy!

Since these are only rumors for the time being but many rumors end up being true, so there is some hope for WhatsApp users.

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