WhatsApp for Windows Phone Returns

Good news for Windows Phone user since WhatsApp has returned problem-free.

The same day that Microsoft apologizes for the problems Windows Phone users are going through, WhatsApp returns to the Windows Phone store. On May 18, the famous messaging app was taken down from the Windows Phone store due to the major notification problems it had.


WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8


When that happened everyone thought that the app was going to return in a couple of days but those¨couple of days¨turned into 2 weeks. This obviously upset people who just barely bought their Windows Phone handset and saw that they were unable to use the app.

The good news is that Windows Phone users don´t have to wait anymore and can install WhatsApp on their Windows Phone right away. So, Why did Microsoft and WhatsApp take 2 week to fix this problem? They said that quality was their goal and they wanted the app to be what everyone expects it to be and looks like they needed 2 weeks for that. Were these 2 weeks hell for you’

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