WhatSim Allows You to Use WhatsApp Worldwide

With WhatSim you can give your Smartphone WhatsApp capabilities.

If you are going to be traveling soon and just can´t live without your WhatsApp, then this is definitely good news for you. Meet WhatSim, a SIM car that gives your phone WhatsApp capabilities. This is a great option if you don´t feel like running around and looking for fee WiFi or buying a local SIM card you will never need to use again.




The WhatSim will only allow you to send and receive WhatsApp messages and you can use with more than 400 carriers in 150 countries. The price is 10 euros a year, but those 10 will only give allow you to send messages, contact sharing, and location. If you want to send multimedia videos you can go to whatsim.com and check out the rates.

WhatSim comes in Micro, Nano and standard sizes. Now you know that you won´t have to live without your WhatsApp if you have to travel to another country. Tell us what you think in the comments  section.

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