Whole Foods Kinect Shopping Cart – Grocery Shopping Will Never be The Same

High Tech shopping cart soon to be seen in Whole Foods. This shopping cart will be able to do things you never thought a shopping cart could do.

Remember the Disney movie Wally where everyone is the future is overweight since technology has completely taken over their lives? Looks like we are getting closer to that since their is a a futuristic shopping cart that is able to take the load of even pushing around a shopping cart. Yes, you read right.

The Kinect Shopping cart will soon be available at Whole Foods and the shopping cart will be able to follow you around by recognizing your loyalty card and that is all it needs to follow you around and the only thing you will need to do is place whatever you need in the cart. What is even better, is that as you place the bag of cookies in the cart, the kinect sensors scan it and add the total amount due as you place items in the cart.

Whole Foods Kinect Shopping Cart

This is a great idea since this is going to be a great way to know if you are going to have enough money for your items or not. So, if you have US$200 to spend, you’ll know when to stop and avoid the embarrassment of having to leave things behind.

The technology doesn’t end there since the Whole Foods Kinect Cart can also check you out so you can literally just walk out of the Super Market when you are done and avoid having to stand behind the person who just needs s price check of an item that might not even have one. The prototype cart was shown off by Microsoft this week and was developed by company called Chaotic Moon. The prototype cart apparently had a few issues, but is said to be a very early design.

The are of course going to have to think of a good anti-theft system, if not everyone is going to have a Kinect all of a Sudden, (wink).

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