Wiitality – Armband That Holds Wii Controller

Wiitality, is a Wii accessory for your already existing Wii controllers. Wiitality holds your wii remote in place and makes exercising more comfortable.Get pricing and know where to buy your Wiitality.

This item has to do with your Wii but no Sorry, it is not another Wii accessory but even though its not it is something useful. There are enough Wii remote incidents and now with Wiitality, stepping on your controller so hard you break it, is going to be something of the past. Wiitality has no long list of specs since it is only your regular armband, the same that you would use for you iPod when you go out for your morning walk.

Wiitality is the perfect armband to hold your Wii controller so when you are exercising  you don’t have to pick it up over and over. Not forgetting that when you are exercising the last thing you remember is not correctly bend your knees to pick up the your Wii remote, see Wiitality even reduces the odds of you throwing out your back to. Wiitality keeps your Wii remote closely to you right beside your arm. More good news about Wiitality, since one size fits all and you don’t have to worry about the company having Wiitality in your size.

If that wasn’t enough Wiitality has a fantastic price, It can be all your for only $3.00 at amazon.You also have your choice of a Wiitality in black or blue. When I saw the word Wii, even though it wasn’t anything high tech I expected a higher price but I’m glad I was wrong.

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