Windows 10 – Everything You Need to Know

Microsoft finally presented Windows 10 and  all the features that comes with it.

This is something that we have all been waiting for for quite some time. Until Microsoft presented Windows 10, we could only go on rumors, but those days are finally over. We now know that Windows 10 will be completely free and that it is going to be available for one year as an update for Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 users, but it is not yet clear as to what is going to happen after that year.


Windows 10 of Microsoft


Cortana is currently available for smartphones with Windows Phone, but it is going to finally be available on our desktops. Cortana is going to offer conversations in 7 languages and the users will be the one to decide what they want to share with Cortana.

Windows 10 is also coming to XBox One through an app and the users will be able to follow their progress either on their PC, Console or from any other device. The users will be able to create clips without having to download an app and the system will create a clip with the last 3o seconds of our gameplay without having to activate anything.


One platform Windows 10


Developers will also be able to create games that will allow PC users go go up against XBox One players. The need to have the same hardware is something we can forget about. PC users will also be able to access XBox One games and play them through streaming in any other display, whether it is  your tablet or PC.

Microsoft also presented Surafce Hub, an 84 Inch display that was used to show off the features and capabilities with a 4K resolution. Surface Hub features stylus support and it also offer holistic solution for your business meetings. Great for web conferencing, meetings and document sharing.


Windows Start Button


Microsoft also presented Windows Holographic (New Headset) and Microsoft HoloLens ( New hologram system). All Windows 10 devices are going to support holographic computing APIs. What is Windows Holographic? It is a Microsoft holographic computing platform. What is Hololens? Basically, it is Microsoft´s holographic computing initiative.

A new holographic processing unit (HPU) was built by the company so terabytes of data could be processed from every sensor that the HoloLens had. For far a price and an exact release date has not been mentioned, but they did say that it is going to ready when Windows 10 launches to the general public.

The preliminary version of Windows 10 will receive an update next week, but it is still unknown when we are going to be able to download the final version.

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