Windows 10 – What´s New

Find out What is new in Windows 10 and decide if it is worth upgrading.

I think we all got a shocker when Microsoft presented Microsoft 10 and completely skipped the number 9. The good news is that Windows 10 is going to be available for everything, from PC´s, to smartphones, tablets, Etc. The public won´t see Windows 10 until mid 2015 but developers are going to get their hands on it before.


Microsoft Presenta Windows 10


What´s new in Windows 10

1. First we are going to be able to enjoy a new start menu that has elements of a tile-based homescreen from Windows 8. You can also decide how big you want the tiles to be and how much space you want them to take up on your desktop environment.

2. Microsoft has also improved the file management and the the search.

3.  Modern apps are not going to be isolated anymore and will no longer execute in a separate fullscreen mode. Users can use them with Keyboards and mice and with touch screens.

4. Multitasking has also been improved since users will know which apps they have open and how those apps are affecting performance, battery and how they can close them.

5. Everything will come together since there will now be one Windows Store for XBox One, desktop, mobile and tablets.


Windows 10 - What´s New


Microsoft said that by the time Windows 10 reaches the public we could see some major changes. So, what Microsoft revealed is just to give us an idea of where they are headed but that they 100% of what we are going to see when it becomes available to the general public.

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