Windows 8.1 for Business Has New Features

If your in the business world and are a Windows fan, then these are definitely good news for you since Windows has announced that there are some new features to enjoy.

On their Blog, Windows announced some interesting things. They announced things such as NFC tap-to-pair printing – with this feature all you will have to do is tap your Windows 8.1 device against an enterprise NFC-enabled printer and you are ready to print. You won´t have to hunt on your network for the right printer and there will also be no need to buy a special printer. You will only need to attach a NFC tag to your machines.

There id also no need to buy another printer since you can simply put an NFC tag on your current printers to enable this functionality. With Wi-Fi Direct printing you can connect to Wi-Fi Direct printers without the need for any additional drivers or software on your Windows 8.1 device.

There is also Native Miracast wireless display that allows you to display your presentation wirelessly without any dongles. Just project your content to a Miracast-enabled device by pairing the device through Bluetooth or NFC, after that Miracast will then use the available Wi-Fi connection to let you project wire-free. The next feature will definitely get you some friends since Broadband tethering is always a friend maker.

Microsoft also mentioned Auto-triggered VPN. When you choose an app or resource that needs access through the inbox VPN, for example your company’s intranet site, you will be able to sign in with just one click. This feature will be available with Microsoft and third-party inbox VPN clients. When it comes to security, Microsoft also mentioned

Modern Access Controls, with this feature you will be able to sign in and authenticate devices with new support for fingerprint-based biometrics. Another goody is that Multi-factor authentication using Virtual Smart Cards will also be a lot easier. There is also Malware Resistance with Windows Defender, it will include network behavior monitoring to help detect and stop the execution of malware, whether it is known or not. Internet Explorer will scan binary extensions (e.g. ActiveX) using the antimalware solution before potentially harmful code is executed.

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