Windows 8.1 Update Leaked

Microsoft had an update for Windows 8.1 set for March but it has been leaked before time.

A much desired Windows 8.1 update was set for March by Microsoft but looks like someone didn´t want the world to wait and made the update available to all now.  In the update we are going to see how the mouse and keyboard experience is improved in the Windows 8.1 update. A change that we are going to see is a new tittle bar for the Windows 8 Apps and with this we are going to be able to snap apps side by side, close and close them.

The new tittle bar in the Windows 8.1 update does not take up too much space at the top of the Metro Apps, so this definitely makes it a helpful tool. There are also improvements in the Start Screen and if you right click on the Live Tiles, you will see how a context Menu that will give you the option of unpin, resize, and more. The shutdown option and the search button are also brought to the Start Screen with this Windows 8.1 update.

The Search Button takes you to the regular sidebar interface and the shutdown gives you a drop down list for sleep and restart.  For now we are not going to see date and time directly onto the Start Screen. We are also going to see control panel link to the PC setting section and thanks to a new option that lets you show Store apps in the taskbar. It basically shows you all Metro apps gives you a windows preview when one overs over he apps.

If one were to activate a metro app from the desktop, you will notice how the taskbar remains on top of the app until you do something with it. We are not going to see any major updates but the updates that this new Windows 8.1 update has is better than nothing.

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