Windows 9 – New Video of Its Notification Center

Watch a new video of Windows 9 notification center in action and discover what else is coming.

So far, we have been able to see the start menus and the virtual desktops but now the Storage Sense has appeared. This is a features that will be available in Windows 9 even though it debuted in Windows Phone 8.1. With this features users can manage their external storage and internal storage with ease.


Windows 9 - New Video of Its Notification Center


You will now comprehend that takes up your space, whether it is games, apps, videos, Etc. Basically, the Storage Sense is a storage management app. If you use Windows 8.1, you are definitely aware of the disk space but if you will be using Windows 9, this is a feature that will be replaced.


Windows 9 - New Video of Its Notification Center


A new video on the new notification center Windows 9 will have has also been released and when the notification center in the task bar has been clicked, you will see all alerts alongside the applicants name and synopsis of the notification.



In the notification center you will also see the time the app dispatched an alert and a button to clear all of the notifications.

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