Windows 9 to be Presented in September

The much anticipated Windows 9 will finally be presented next month, Will it be another Windows 8?.

With all the suffering we went through with Windows 8, we have definitely been looking forward to Windows 9. If everything goes as planned we should be seeing the presentation of Windows 9, at least what Microsoft has so far since the final version is not going to be ready until Spring of 2015.


Windows 9 to be Presented in September


Windows 9, also known as Threhold, is going to be oriented more towards users with non touch devices since Microsoft had received quite a few complaints that Windows was too touch oriented. Some of the new features we can expect in Windows 9 is Cortana integration, a mini start menu, Charm Bar eliminated, Windowed Metro Style apps and virtual desktops.

Anything can change from now until September 30th, that is when Microsoft will  have their big event.

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