Wunderlist – Mobile and WebApp to Organize your Business and Life

If you need to put your thins in order but don´t know where to start, how about starting with Wunderlist.

Looks like nowadays we are more dependent on app to keep our lives organized and one app that can help us with that is Wunderlist. It is an app that is completely free and an be installed on the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Android, Windows Kindle Fire and Desktop.

With Wunderlist you can use recurring to do´s so you can always remember all the things you need to do every day, every week, and every month. You can also use Subtasks,  feature that allows you to break big tasks into smaller goals. You can also create notes and share your list with other people.

Wunderlist - Mobile and WebApp to Organize your Business and Life

You can also add due dates to your tasks, so you actually finish them on time and you can also count on reminders as well. You can also get notifications via push, Email and in-app notifications. If for some reason you need to print out your task, you can always count on the print feature for that. With Wunderlist you can also add web content straight from your browser and sync your list across all of your devices.

Like I mentioned before the app is completely free and it is ready to be installed now. If you use the app don´t forget to let us know what you think about it.

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