Xbox 360 Breakdowns – Console That Breaks Down the Most

Xbow 360 breakdowns. Is your Xbox 360 one of the reliable one? 60% of 360 owners have had breakdowns.

There are many consoles for us to choose from. We have the pS3,Wii,Xbox and many consoles with names we don’t even remember but there out there. When we buy a console we obviously want it to be part of the family as long as possible and that can happen if we take good care of our console but what if we do take good care of it and  it still breaks down? That obviously is going to provoke that steam may come out of your ears, your so mad. So Why might the Xbox 360 not a good choice if you are thinking of buying a console?

Microsoft has claimed to have finally fixed their hardware problems but 1,000 U.K gamers took part in a survey and 60% of Xbox 360 owners have watched their consoles fail. PS3 and Wii from the looks of it give their owners more durability since of 16% of PS3 owners and 6% of Wii owners have had to replace their consoles. As if the 60% thing wasn’t bad enough, 32% of Xbox 360 owners have claimed that their console has broken twice and 19% have had Xbox 360 deaths in their family.

Earlier this year Gameinformer also had their survey of about 5,000 readers  and surprisingly enough 54.2% of their Xbox 360 owners have also had failure problems with their console., Yikes!. Microsoft is obviously not going to admit their is something wrong with their Xbox  360 or say that their purposely doing something to provoke this, instead they claim that vast majority of Xbox 360 owners are having a great time with their console and that they invest in their platform than any other. Pffft, maybe that is because they have to keep buying new ones. Well folks, keep this in mind if you are thinking about getting yourself and Xbox 360.

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