XBox Music Will Allow You to Listen to Music Stored on OneDrive

XBox Music Locker will be FREE but XBox Music will become a paid service, When?.

We have some great news to give you OneDrive users that also use XBox Music, Thanks to XBox Music Locker, it will now be possible for users who have their music stored on OneDrive to reproduce it with the XBox Music App. You can do so whether you use a tablet, PC or the console itself.


OneDrive XBox Music


This is definitely great news since a lot of OneDrive users have unlimited storage because they are also Office 365 users. Since not everyone is an Office 365 user, Microsoft will be giving away 20GB of storage so everyone can enjoy this great service.

Remember that starting Dicember 1st, XBox Music will become a paid service while XBox Music Locker will be free. Spain will be among the first countries to get this great service but many other countries will follow. Countries such as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Great Britain, United States, and many more.

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