XBox One Without Kinect on Sale

The Cheap XBox One version is now on sale and it does not come with Kinect.

Microsoft said that they would and they have since the XBox One is now available but without the Kinect option. This is obviously good news for those who have been wanting to buy the XBox One but couldn´t because of it price but this is surely going to anger those who already bought the Microsoft console with Kinect and would have opted for the cheaper version. Since it was either buy the console with the Kinect or don´t buy it all, gamers didn´t have a choice.


XBox One sin Kinect Ya Está a la Venta1


If you go the Microsoft official site, you will be able to buy the XBox One without Kinect for US$399.99/349.99€. Related configurations are also foreseeable in other markets later today. Up to now Sony was getting a head start since it had a cheaper price than the XBox One but it looks like the good old days are gone. With this move, Microsoft is encouraging developers to create more traditional videogames that can be compatible with other platforms and leave Kinect behind.


Cheaper XBox One on Sale


This could definitely help boost the XBox One sales since the console is now cheaper and that is definitely good news for Microsoft but bad news for Sony. Are you planning on buy the XBox One without Kinect?

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