Xiaomi to Launch 65 Dollar Smartphone – Rumor

If the rumor is true, Xiaomi could be releasing one very cheap smartphone with a $65 price tag.

When we hear of a new smartphone, we usually expect the price to be at least $100 but how does paying only$65 for a smartphone sound? Recent rumors say that Xiaomi could be releasing a very cheap smartphone and with the 163 million dollars it made during the Single´s Day in China, it certainly has the money.


Cheap Xiaomi Smartphone


This very affordable smartphone is going to features a Leadcore LC1860 processor, clocked at 2.0GHz and it will also have a Mali T628 GPU. Thanks to this chipset, it can support 1080p @60fps video capture, Support 2K displays and there is also LTE support.

We can´t forget about the 1GB of RAM and remember, all of this for only $65. The image used is not the one of the upcoming smartphone but as soon as an image is available we will definitely show it to you.

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