Xiaomi Mi Note Sells Out in Minutes

The Xiaomi Mi Note is a complete success, sells out first batch in minutes.

A few weeks ago we heard about the Xiaomi Mi Note, a reasonably priced smartphone that seemed to catch everyone´s eye. The we heard about the Mi Note Pro, that is a smartphone that is slightly more powerful that its sibling.


Xiaomi Mi Note


The company may not have expected this, but the Xiaomi Mi Note is a complete success. So much so, that the first batch sold out in only a few minutes. The exact amount of smartphone sold has not been revealed yet, but a Xiaomi VP said that the company had received 220 million reservations.



Xiaomi has a tendency to create smartphone with good specs and ay a decent price. Two things that work very well together and have resulted in hits like the Mi Note and the Mi Note Pro. You can get the Mi note for $371 (16GB model), and for that price you get a smartphone with a 5.7 Inch Full HD display, 3GB of RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 chipset at 2.5GHz, 13MP rear facing camera, 4MP front facing camera similar to HTC´s UltraPixel.

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