Xiaomi Mi Note Smartphone Cases and Bags

Personalize your Xiaomi Mi Note with these elegant and original cases and bags.

There is no doubt that the Xiaomi Mi Note is one very popular smartphone, so much so, that the first batch sold out in minutes. If you are one of the lucky ones that was able to pre-order one, then you are going to need either a case or a phone bag to go with that good looking phone.


cases Mi Note


Simple & Convenient Storafe Bag for All Xiaomi Phone ($6.99)


This cute little bag completely covers your phone for all around protection. Not very handy if you have a tendency to grab your phone in a hurry, but great if you have some seconds to spare.

If you want, you also have some room to put some other things in there, such as papers or other items that won´t harm your phone. This phone bag and all the accessories mentioned here are available at xiaomiworld.com. You can get your storage bag in either light or dark grey.


Xiaomi Genuine Multifunctions Leather handbag for All Xiaomi Phones ($37.99)



Ladies, this is your phone bag. With the Xiaomi Genuine Leather Handbag, you can put your smartphone right in the center compartment, and all your other belongings in the other ones. As you can see from the images, with this handbag you have instant access to your phone without having to unzip anything. The downside is that it is only available in blue, but hopefully they will add more colors soon.


Nillkin Super Frosted Shield Protective Case for Xiaomi Mi Note ($15.99)


If you didn´t like the previous models, you could always get the Nillkin Super Frosted Shield Protective Case for Xiaomi Mi Note. This smarthone case comes in gold, red, black and white. It offer your phone the protection it needs, but it doesn´t forget to leave certain parts of your phone open.


It was made with the latest dustless matte UV painting technology, comfortable grip, anti-fingerprint and it is very easy to clean.


Original Xiaomi Smart Dormancy Flip Protective Case ($16.99)



If you have always been a fan of the flip phone case, then this is probably the one you are going to love. It also offer all around protection, but with that flip cover you love. When it comes to colors there is not much to choose from, since it is only available in black or white.

Hopefully you have found a case for your Xiaomi Mi Note and if not, keep checking in since we will be showing you more models.

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