It’s official! Twitter launches tweet of 280 characters for all users

Twitter ceases to be in the moment, “the social network of 140 characters”. The company has just announced that the deadline is officially extended, and from now on all users of the microblogging network will be able to write messages with double space: up to 280 characters.

The company had launched in the month of September, an experiment to extend the limit of 140 characters pointing out that “it would be so much easier for people to express themselves” on the platform.

Twitter will implement the possibility of writing tweets of up to 280 characters for all users over the next few days

Twitter claimed then that it was only a test and that, depending on how you would result, it would be for all users or not. Since then, many users have been testing the ability to write tweets that are twice as long -and those who could not officially, there were other ways to do it – and there have been opinions for all tastes, but it seems that the tweeters have come to accept the change.

So says Twitter, that has recognized the objective of the test as “fulfilled” and is going to launch the change for all users of the platform that is used in languages in which the constraint of 140 characters was a barrier. That is to say, in all except japanese, Korean and chinese, given the density of their writing systems, as users who write in these languages can express much more with very few characters.

According to Twitter, the new feature extends the limit of characters and, at the same time, maintains the speed and the brevity own Twitter and has been a success during the testing phase. The company ensures to have seen how, during the first few days, the people tuiteaba in 280 characters because it was a novelty, but it really then do not been used more than in specific cases.

“Most of the times the users have not surpassed the limit of 140 characters, thus preserving the nature of brevity of Twitter,” says Aliza Rosen, product manager of Twitter in a post published on the official blog of the company.

According to Twitter, historically, the 9% of tweets in English and 5.3% of the tweets in Spanish reached the character limit, and users had to compress his thoughts, editing and, in many cases, discouraged from sending it.

However, the test carried out during these two months has significantly reduced the percentage of messages that are not sent for this reason, up to the 1% in English and 0.8% Spanish.

“We see that tweets reach the limit of characters with less frequency, and therefore, we believe that people spend less time to edit your tweets. This shows that having more space makes it easier for people to compress their thoughts in a tweet, so that they can express what they want better and send tweets faster than before,” notes Rosen.

Many users have complained during this time by the excessive length of some messages, and even have appeared ways to “hide forever” these contents and that do not disturb on the timeline. However, according to Twitter , only 5% of the tweets sent during this time I had more than 140 characters , and only 2% had more than 190 characters.

Another of the conclusions of this test is that people who had more space to tweet received more interactions in their messages even though they do not reach to 280 characters.

According to Twitter expressly stated, are now the change after listening to a problem that had a large part of the users. “Tweet was not easy”, they assure.

A few weeks ago already gave some keys to get the most out of the messages to 280 characters on Twitter. Could only take into account those who were part of the test, but do not forget to take a look now, since anyone can write tweets longer. Welcome to the new Twitter.

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