There are already solutions against Meltdown and Spectre: what should you do?

The first few days of the year have served to open the eyes of the users of technology and they realize that their data were not as safe as they thought and that, at least in theory, anyone could be done with them in a given time.

Basically this is the –terrifying – summary of the situation after it discovered the vulnerabilities compute most serious of all the times: Meltdown and the Spectre, which in a nutshell leave a security gap in the processors of Intel, AMD and ARM, that you are wearing the phones, tablets and computers used by any user in the world.

The CEO of Intel has promised that will launch solutions for the 90% of the processors during the next week

Alerts jumped quickly to the news, but the good thing is that there are important security patches to mitigate their effects. Within A few hours of getting to know the holes already had updates to major operating systems that allowed you to protect against Meltdown, but Spectre seemed to be unbeatable, and that would have to wait for it to design new processors (and were commercialized in the market, a process that could take months) to be plentamente protected.

There are still no guarantees to 100%, but there are already some solutions. The CEO of Intel, Brian Krzanich, has launched a fresh and reassuring message today in a presentation developed in the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) being held in Las Vegas.

Without forgetting about the case, said: “today, we have not received any information indicating that these issues have been exploited to obtain data from customers. And we are working incessantly to ensure that it remains so”.

Intel has promised that it expects to launch updates for more than 90% of the processors sold in the last 5 years in the next week and complete their portfolio before the end of the month. Given the possibility that the update to slow down the computers has ensured that it will depend on the workload.

In addition, Krzanich has said that the best thing users can do is to also update to the latest versions of the operating system vendors.

For example, Apple released last night an update for iOS and MacOS that allows you to fight Spectre. Versions 11.2.2 iOS and 10.13.2 of macOS High Sierra are free and, although the signature of the apple announce that they are patches, that are not finished completely, it does provide an important protection for this vulnerability that was thought that could not fight. That is to say, it is advisable to update computers already.

Microsoft has also launched a complete update of Windows that combat the effects of Meltdown as the Spectre. It is advised to update to it, though many users have had problems in the last hours, especially those that had computers with AMD processors. In fact, Microsoft has had to put at your disposal a patch of emergency drawn up in conjunction with the AMD –after several days of dispute between both companies – to avoid these problems, which virtually left the equipment unusable.

As things are, and to answer the question posed by the title of this post: upgrade your computer. As soon as possible.

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