Yahoo Mail Has Been Hacked – Passwords Being Changed

Yahoo recently admitted that there has been an unauthorized access to various accounts.

Bad news for Yahoo Mail users since Yahoo has admitted that there has been an unauthorized access to their systems where various accounts have been compromised. Yahoo has not said how many accounts have been compromised but hopefully that information will be available soon.

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Yahoo has made it clear that the attack was not a result of their system being compromised but it was a malicious software that made the attack happen. This malicious software helped the persons or people responsible for the attack, name and email addresses and Yahoo also said that it could be a third party database that features the list of passwords and user names.

Yahoo is already working with the FBI to try and find the person or group of people responsible for the attack. Yahoo is also resetting passwords and adding the 2 step verification, this last one has been available for a few years now. This is not the first time Yahoo has been attacked like this and I don´t think that it is going to be the last time either. If your account has been compromised Yahoo will either let you know by a notifications or they will send a text message to your phone.

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