Yellow Jacket iPhone Case

Meet Yellow Jacket, an iPhone 4 and 4S case tha protects your smartphone, gives it extra juice and can also be used as a stun gun.

When it comes to iPhone cases, there are quite a few to choose from. Whether they be just to give you extra juice or just to protect your iPhone but the Yellow Jacket iPhone Case has quite a few features put together that you are sure to love. This is being called the safety case for those who want to stay safe in an unsafe world. Besides staying safe you will carry around one good looking case or your precious iPhone 4 or i iPhone 4S.

Yellow Jacket iPhone case

The Yellow Jacket iPhone case is your basic case that protects your iPhone, gives your smartphone up to 20 hours of power and last but not least it features a  650K volt stun gun, and an external battery that can give you about 20 hours of additional standby battery time. This a great accessory to have if you usually walk alone to your car and if someone makes the mistake of taking you as a victim, you have quite a few volts to show them not to mess with you.

Another plus, as if it didn’t have enough already is that it comes in three colors. You can choose between¬† black, white, pink and limited edition gold and is available for pre-order at and it is only going to set you back US$100.

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