YouTube Mp3 Converter: What Are illegal sites to convert videos to mp3?

Early last month, the closure of YouTube-MP3.orgone of the web pages most commonly used to store and quickly download the music that is posted daily on YouTube, came back to put on the table the debate on the legality or not of this type pages that convert videos to mp3 format.

Users continue converting videos to mp3 without considering whether it is legal or not the service using

In our article we gave some alternatives to YouTube-Mp3 because, despite the controversy, they continue to operate while different agencies undertake legal actions.

In early October, the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America), that is to say, the employers ‘ association of the recording industry the united States considered them illegal, and began to develop a list of all the sites which, according to them, violate the law.

Now, however, the Electronic Front Foundation (EFF) has sent a letter to the office anti-piracy in the united States that indicates that the sites that allow you to convert YouTube videos to mp3 is not illegal, thus responding to the accusations expressed by the RIA against services like YouTube Mp3 Downloader.

The EFF is a non-profit organization specialized in defending the civil liberties and the safety of users in the digital world. In his letter points out that not all the services that serve to convert the videos to mp3 in breach of the legislation on copyright and copyright.

Ensures that some of these services that let you download music illegally from YouTube but there are many ways to use these converters also in a legal way.

“Web pages that merely allow users to extract the audio track of a video service online are not illegal or in breach of copyright laws unless you allow an additional conduct that do not go against those laws”, points out in his letter. It refers, for example, the pages that allow to trade with that music, or modify it for commercial purposes, which would violate the law according to the EFF.

Meanwhile, the RIAA is seeking, as it did with YouTube-to-MP3 Converter, the rest of the services that is identifying are closed by order of the court. And the users continue to use them and looking for new ways to convert their videos to mp3 format, among so many as there are in the network, almost without considering if they are illegal or not.

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